Fred Hampton Leftists

We are lefty political commentators talking news, politics, and pop culture. We strive to educate, inspire and entertain. We are following in Fred Hampton's footsteps. Join us as we discuss politics from historical to recent events.

Recent Episodes

Aaron Maté talks about the state of journalism

July 29, 2021

Aaron Maté joins Jackie and RJ to discuss the state of journalism, the OPCW findings, and why TYT is not really news. --- Support this podcast:

Ashley Stevens talks X-Men, Magneto, and Joe Biden

June 16, 2021

Ashley Stevens @TheAcumen on Twitter stops by to talk to Jackie about The X-Men on this week's Nerdolitics, where nerd culture meets politics.

Eleanor Goldfield talks activism and involvement

June 9, 2021

Activist, musician, artist, and all around bad ass Eleanor Goldfield discusses her documentary, activism, and ways to make the world a better place.

Jackie and RJ talk with Professor Wolff

June 3, 2021

Professor Richard Wolff discusses minimum wage, crypto-currency, and the end of capitalism.

Lee Camp talks with Jackie

May 13, 2021

Host of Redacted Tonight and Moment of Clarity, Lee Camp joins Jackie to talk U.S. propaganda, and the Chauvin trial.

Guest: Lee Camp

Jaybefaunt with Allan Axelrod

May 6, 2021

Jaybefaunt talks with Allan Axelrod​ @ 213axelrod about his activism with #NoAmerenShutoffs ​ advocating for the suspension of utility shutoffs and it's dire implications for people who don't have this solution during the pa…

Guest: Allan Axelrod

About the Hosts


Host Nerdolitics

Jackie grew up in a politically aware family. She was raised a democrat The beginning of her political transformation began during the George W. Bush administration. During that time she became aware of the environmental crisis. During the Obama administration, she realized democrats were farther to the right than she was. In 2016 she supported Bernie Sanders for president and left the Democratic party. She has since become a socialist and champions the rights of all people, regardless of their race, gender, or orientation.

She hosts Nerdolitics on FHL with KillJoy Meg
She is also the host of a movie podcast called Cinematic Adventures.

Nick (Socialist MMA)

Host of Deeply Serious

My name is Nick. Most know me by SocialistMMA. I’m a co-founder of Ten Demands and Board Member of National RCV. I tend to focus on state violence and economic policy. I consider myself to be a Libertarian Socialist or Anarchist. My writing and my content will usually discuss leftist policy or critically analyzing the powerful from the lens of the working class. I am a citizen journalist so I love speaking to people about their stories.

He hosts Deeply Serious and has a Twitch and Youtube channel called The Progressive Martial Artist

Compton Jay

Host Straight out of Politics

Compton Jay grew up in Compton during the height of the cocaine epidemic in the 1980s. The son of a Korean war vet, Compton Jay was introduced to politics at a very young age by his father. The trickle-down economics of the Reagan years never trickled down to Compton Jay. Reaganomics, growing up in Compton, and the political influence of his father helped to put Compton Jay on the path that led him to becoming one of the Fred Hampton leftists. Compton Jay was your typical black liberal, always reliably supporting the Democratic Party, buying all the propaganda and political spin of mainstream liberal media. In 2015 Compton Jay was awakened out of his political slumber by candidate Bernard Sanders. Bernie Sanders was just the trigger point, following that several events over the next four years sharpened Compton Jay’s political ideology, going from a reliably Democratic supporter to understanding that the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans.

He hosts Straight Outta Politics
He is also the founder and host of The Populist Voice


Host Rome's Rebellion

I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan to a family to 8. We never mad much of anything but family, we went months without lights gas and sometimes water but when we got together and talked to our neighbors many of them was going through the same thing. We all helped each other out back then and we can do it now. I’ve worked and done commercials for the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Green Party. I traveled the USA teaching socialism and helping feed the homeless. I’ve been on the ground for many years and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon it’s just the start.



I’m black first, but I’m also an amalgamation of so many other identities rolled into one. One that was forged by an oppressive system that looks similar to many of you who are reading this. A person that has been poor and even homeless on occasion, a worker, a victim of racism, gay, disabled, hungry, forgotten and like all of you FRUSTRATED. Looking at your own life and the life of others and coming to the realization that SOMETHING has got to be better than this. You’re not alone. My goal here it to help all of us to realize that we deserve more and that we have the power to do it like Chairman Fred Hampton did for us before. My 5 co-hosts and I are here to inspire, educate, correct the record and put out a call to action for any and everyone to join together for a more just, equitable, equal and peaceful world. Thank you for joining us in this journey together!

Host of The JB Show
He also hosts The Jaybefaunt Show on Anchor


Host Revolutionary Jargon

Hi my names is RJ. I’m from Southeast Michigan and I am an Anarcho-Syndicalist. I started my political journey win 2008 with the election of Barack Obama. I had so much hope from 2008-2016 about him and what he could do. What brought my political evolution was subsequently the election of Donald trump and why. I wasn’t getting any fair answers and analysis from mainstream media and I began to figure out why. I learned about the DNC rigging of Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Primary and the neglect of popular left-wing policies by the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton Campaign. I went from a Barack Obama Democrat, which is basically a conservative, to a libertarian. In 2018 I became a resistance liberal due to Donald Trump’s terrible policies and rhetoric. I used to share many believes of liberals that we need to get rid of the evil republicans and support democrats down ballot so democrats can be the responsible ones in the room and right trump. In 2019 during the long Democratic Presidential primary I went from a Beto stan to a Mayor Pete stan to a Warren Democrat and to finally a Bernie bro. I became a Bernie bro because I believed his policies of Medicare for All, a $15 Dollar Minimum Wage, ending the wars, a federal jobs program and a Green New Deal. In recent history I have moved farther to the left.

Host of Revolutionary Jargon

Meg (Killjoy Meg)

Host The Killjoy Guide and Co-host of Nerdolitics

Meg is a feminist and anti-imperialist that loves movies, books, and talking politics. She does Nerdolitcs with Jackie on Mondays and will soon launch The Killjoy Guide.

Sabrina Salvati

Host of Sabby Sabs

Sabrina Salvati is leftist educator, content creator and host of Sabby Sabs podcast. She spent most of her childhood growing up in Germany and saw many benefits of leftist policies. Sabrina does leftist commentary and interviews activists, candidates, entrepreneurs and other change makers fighting political and social issues.

Sabrina lives in the Boston area of Massachusetts with her husband.

Kerri Barber

Host Hair of the Dog

Investigative journalist and editor, Kerri is also an award-winning writer, published author, and digital communication strategists. She has managed global teams and organizations from start-up through strategic growth with experience in all aspects of digital media and prior roles working in medical device and technology, individual and SHOP insurance, and contract law.

In 2015 she was selected for the Small Business Leadership Summit with Obama Administration officials tasked with helping deliver policy ideas to benefit small businesses. There, she inadvertently became a whistleblower highlighting the connection of fracking wells and families who could not get insurance, even under ACA, because of where they lived.

Since then, she ran for office, managed several progressive campaigns for other candidates, started several companies and helped others achieve legal standing as non-profit progressive entities, all while maintaining bylines at various independent media outlets dedicated to investigative journalism.

Kerri’s statement on why she left DLF Media

Andy Kennedy

Host Hair of the Dog

As a life-long musician, Andy has become a world-class audio engineer gifted with talent and drive to match. He is the magic and muscle behind iTune’s top macroeconomics podcast, Macro n Cheese, on a 120 week streak, unheard of in the industry and one of the top rated iTunes podcasts. He recently produced the ground-breaking series, “The New Untouchables,” with never before told stories about federal regulators attempting to stop outright theft of bankers and the politicians who thwarted that work.

Andy is a retired union member in Canada and dedicates his professional time to supporting the Cancer Society as a member of the steering committee for Toronto’s annual ‘Relay for Life’ event and other Progressive media organizations, using his unparalleled talents to help produce exceptional original video and audio content.



Newest member, activist and citizen journalist.